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It’s difficult to fathom the amount of insensitivity that humans have towards animals, even after they get one as a pet. Unfortunately, stories of distressed and neglected dogs continue to exist, with an RSPCA shelter in Leicester, England recently making news for another heart-wrenching example.

Upon arriving at the Woodside Animal Shelter on a Wednesday in March, workers were left shocked to find an adorable dog tied to their front gate. Unaware of who abandoned her or how long she had been without food or water, the workers were relieved to see the dog’s happiness upon meeting her rescuers. Described as having large, brown puppy dog eyes, the cute little dog eagerly waited for someone to find her.

Before finding her way to the rescue, Misty had quite a challenging history. Her physical appearance was an indication of her rough past as she seemed to be underweight with her ribs visible through her skin. Additionally, she had wounds on her nose and was suffering from a skin condition that needed attention.

Misty, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was found abandoned and tied to the gates of Woodside Animal Center. Rescuers found a microchip in Misty, but when they contacted the registered number, they were informed that she had been rehomed years before. Due to England’s Animal Welfare Act, her abandonment is considered a felony, and an inquiry has been initiated. Woodside Animal Center has shared Misty’s story on Facebook, requesting anyone with information about her previous owners to come forward. Misty is now under their care and receiving specialist attention. In March, an update was given stating that Misty is healing well and will be eligible for rehoming soon.

Misty, a sweet dog who was once tethered to the gates of an animal shelter, has finally found her forever home! After being part of an RSPCA cruelty investigation, Misty won her case and became available for adoption in England when the lockdown ended in June. Luckily, a loving couple decided to adopt Misty and give her the great life she deserves. The shelter shared the happy news and a heartwarming photo of Misty with her new parents. Misty had several interested adopters, but the shelter is overjoyed that she found the perfect family to open their hearts and homes to this precious pup.

Jane Wingfield, Misty’s new owner, has provided an update and photo of Misty to reassure concerned animal lovers that the dog is adjusting comfortably to her new home. In a comment on Misty’s adoption post, Wingfield expressed her happiness at being chosen as Misty’s new parent and described Misty as cute and well-adjusted. We congratulate Misty on finding a loving home!

There is an array of animals that people can choose to keep as pets. It ranges from the usual suspects such as cats and dogs to the more unique options like parrots and snakes.

Every once in a while, you come across unique pets such as Kira – a wolf.

When Kira was just three days old, her mother left her alone and unable to survive. Fortunately, Alida stepped in to save her. She took on the responsibility of raising Kira and trained her as if she were a dog, giving her a second chance at life.

Wolves possess a natural inclination towards the wild and haven’t undergone the generations of domestication that dogs have. It is, therefore, no surprise that Kira was quite challenging to domesticate. She was more apprehensive of new experiences, which made it more difficult for Alida. Extra effort was required to socialize Kira, who met with children, grown-ups, and other animals.

After much effort, Kira has become completely tamed and poses no threat to anyone. It’s worth noting that Kira’s mother once resided with a family but was not properly tended to, resulting in her relocation to a nursery where she became distrustful of humans. It was there that Kira was also born.

If Kira, the subject in question, is let out into the wild, there’s a high chance of her perishing due to the lack of hunting skills. Kira’s mother left her and her siblings when they were only three days old, and as a result, they had to be hand-fed in the nursery. I, the speaker, took Kira away once she became stronger, and I also gave her milk for the first time.

When she was just four weeks old, I brought her home from the nursery. She’s a clever one, but she can be quite stubborn. Whenever we need to make decisions, she tends to prioritize herself over me. Hence, I started socializing her right from the start. She’s been exposed to plenty of dogs, people, and kids to help her adapt.

To help Kira overcome her fear of new things, we took walks in various locations to expose her to different smells and sounds. Wolves are naturally fearful of anything unfamiliar, making this a challenging and time-consuming process. However, it is essential for Kira to adapt to city living and feel at ease with me.

Alida took charge of Kira at just 28 days old and raised her with love, providing her with all the necessary care, food, and training to help her become tame and domesticated.

Raising Kira wasn’t without its challenges, but as she’s gotten older, it’s all been worth it. Her temperament is now calm and steady, and she doesn’t get riled up by aggressive dogs or start conflicts herself. She’s also incredibly gentle with children and will give them space if they seem scared of her.

Alida went on various adventures to overcome her fear of the modern world and to prepare herself for it.

When I’m out and about, folks tend to be pretty interested in seeing my wolf companion. They often request to take a picture with us and wonder if it’s safe to have a wild animal living in their home, especially if they have children. Speaking of which, I happen to have a 7-year-old son named Bogdan.

Kira is living a happy, domesticated life now and has formed a strong bond with her 7-year-old human companion.

Frequently, Alida is approached by curious individuals who inquire about the experience of residing with a wolf.

In actuality, Kira is a very approachable person and doesn’t make others feel afraid. However, online, people tend to react irrationally and angrily, resulting in various comments being made. Particularly after a few articles about us were published, there was a surge of negative reports claiming I behaved foolishly by having a wild animal as a pet.

If you want to stay updated with the day-to-day happenings of Kira and Alida, head on over to their Instagram account, which can be found under the handle ‘she.s.a.wolf’.

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