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When I write these articles, I always come in with the notion that rarely any canine act of compassion can surprise me, and I always end up being wrong for the right reasons.

Haus was the dog that did it this time, a young German Shepherd from New Tampa, Florida.

A dog who risked his life to protect a young member of his human family, showing off that impressive loyalty that GSDs are known for.

Haus To The Rescue

photo of Haus, the brave GSD who saved a girl from a snake
Haus in the garden, ready to play with Moly. Source: Youtube

He was playing with the 7 year old, Molly, in their backyard when they came face to face with an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, one of America’s most poisonous serpents.

It was poised to attack Molly, but Haus would have none of it, interposing himself between his young ward and the snake itself, putting his own life on the line as he fought it off.

Haus sustained several bites, but he would not relent, his duty and love for his family far outweighing the risks and the effects of the venom.

The Stalwart Defender

Haus the brave GSD and the girl whom he had saved
Haus recovering after his heroic act. Source: Youtube

He managed to successfully fend the rattlesnake off and was immediately taken to a local vet hospital to get his injuries treated and antivenom injected.

He was left there with constant care and frequent visits from his family members, all wishing him a speedy recovery; the girl’s mother, in particular, was so grateful to their furry boy.

However, healthcare in the US isn’t cheap, even for dogs, so the problem of the bill was ever present.

However, thanks to how viral the story had become, the GoFundMe page that the family had set up for the dog easily managed to cover the $9000 cost and Haus had made a full recovery.

A Learning Experience For Everyone

Haus the GSD and the girl together in the car
Haus and his ward, Molly, have always been inseparable Source: Youtube

While the story is a bit dated now and Haus is well into his 8th year of life, chilling at his home in New Tampa, Florida, the message behind it is timeless.

A message that shows just how much dogs are willing to sacrifice for those they consider their family, things that don’t come as easily to humans.

It shows how a little bit of kindness and care to someone goes a long way, be they canine or human.

It’s always a marvel to read about these stories and tell them to you, and I hope to provide you with even more inspirational doggy heroes like Haus.

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