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One day, a woman in Southern California came across two dogs huddled together on a corner. She inquired with the locals if anyone knew the dogs, but no one claimed ownership. Consequently, she contacted the dog rescue organization, Logan’s Legacy, to assist her. The founder of the organization, Suzette Hall, mentioned that the dogs had been in the area for a week as per the neighbors. The woman who spotted them informed Hall that the two canines, a pit bull and a Yorkie-mix, were inseparable. Upon further examination, the rescuer discovered the unlikely pair snuggled up and cuddled together later that day.

As she arrived, Hall noticed that the two dogs resembled the characters played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the movie ‘Twins’. They appeared to be inseparable partners in crime. It was evident to Hall that the dogs were sad and seeking comfort from one another. However, their mood immediately changed when Hall approached them. The dogs became thrilled and began wagging their tails and looking at each other as if to say, “Finally, someone has come for us!” Hall felt overjoyed seeing the dogs’ reaction.

When Hall rescued the dogs, she anticipated using a humane trap as usual. However, the smaller dog approached her without any prompting, followed by the pitbull. Hall was able to capture the smaller dog with ease as it willingly allowed her to pick it up, displaying a strong desire for affection.

The pitbull was overjoyed to have the opportunity to be reunited with her closest companion, and both dogs were filled with excitement at the sight of each other once more. In order to ensure the safety of the pitbull, Hall carefully placed her in a spacious crate located at the back. However, it quickly became clear that the two pups could not bear to be separated from one another. The smaller dog attempted to gain entry into the larger crate to be with her friend. Eventually, Hall decided to place them together, and upon realizing that they were secure, the pair snuggled up and quickly drifted off into a deep slumber.

Hall decided to name the Pitbull Terrier Thelma and the Yorkie-mix Louise, inspired by the famous best friend duo. She took them both to the vet for a check-up, where they received simultaneous examinations. Luckily, the vet gave them a clean bill of health. Although Thelma had a skin rash and Louise was severely matted, Hall assured that the staff at Camino Pet Hospital would take care of them. The clinic was providing them with plenty of love and attention, which would help them recover quickly. Thelma and Louise are currently looking for a foster family or permanent home where they can stay together forever.

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