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Dogs originated from wolves and are highly social animals. Even though they have been domesticated, they still need to be a part of a pack, which is usually a human family. Adopting a dog is always an exciting experience, especially when they finally find a loving and nurturing home after being rescued from a shelter. The excitement is even greater when a dog has spent a lot of time at a shelter before being adopted.

For nearly a year, Paco, an American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull mix, had been living in the shelter as he had reached adulthood. Sadly, he remained unadopted until a couple showed interest in him. It was a long wait of 270 days before Paco finally found his new family. His happiness knew no bounds when his new father came to take him home. Paco was initially confused when he saw the shelter staff and his new family approaching his enclosure, but when his new dad extended his hand through the rails, Paco’s joyous realization dawned upon him – he was finally going to his forever home.

He was filled with excitement as the long-awaited day arrived. His anticipation had been building up for what seemed like an eternity, but he couldn’t help but show his enthusiasm. Although his new family tried to calm him down, he couldn’t contain his joy of finally having a permanent family to live with. Living in shelters can be tough for Pitbulls or Pitbull breeds due to many myths and misconceptions surrounding the breed, making it hard for them to find their forever homes. But now, he was no longer alone and would have a family who promised to love and care for him every day for the rest of his life.

Despite the negative reputation surrounding Pitbull breeds, there are still people who appreciate and understand their unique qualities. These individuals actively seek to adopt these dogs and provide them with a loving home, just like Paco who found a new family after leaving the shelter. Although Paco now receives love and care from his family, it is important to note that the process of adoption is not always seamless. Social media often fails to depict the initial phase of adjustment that the animal goes through while settling into their new surroundings. Furthermore, there may be days when the animal falls ill and requires extra attention from their family.

At times, pets can create a chaotic mess in their new homes. But despite all the challenges, their adoptive families always choose to treat them with utmost love and attention. Watch the heart-melting video below to witness how Paco reacts when his dad comes to see him on his adoption day. Share this beautiful moment with your loved ones and spread the love!

In November 2019, Joanne Gill, a veterinarian from Melbourne, Australia, came across a Facebook post about a kitten named Smudge. The post was made by Maneki Neko Cat Rescue, seeking help to carry out blood tests on the little tuxedo kitten in an attempt to find out the cause of her dwarfism. Being a compassionate veterinarian, Joanne eagerly jumped at the opportunity to lend a helping hand to the tiny feline.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

Joanne reminisces about how she reached out to the rescue organization to contribute financially and offered to provide a long-term foster home for the cat in need. Being a veterinarian, Joanne wanted to ensure that the cat’s health issues were taken care of appropriately. The Instagram image is credited to @smudge_the_mini_cat_andcrew.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

As seen in the Instagram post by @smudge_the_mini_cat_andcrew, Joanne had contacted a rescue organization when she first laid eyes on Smudge. The kitten was only seven weeks old and noticeably smaller compared to her siblings – an effect of dwarfism and being rejected by her biological mother. Joanne shared that Smudge was born in foster care to a street cat and was slow to develop, causing her mom to push her out of the nest.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

The adorable kitten in the picture was not always with Joanne. Initially, he was under the care of a foster home before the rescue reached out to Joanne for help. This was because Smudge’s owners were going away for Christmas, and they needed someone to take care of their pet. Joanne was excited to help, and on December 22, 2019, Smudge was welcomed into her home.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

Joanne clarified that they acted as temporary caregivers for the cat and were planning to officially adopt her once the medical condition was determined. This information was accompanied by an image from Instagram user @smudge_the_mini_cat_andcrew.

Upon their initial encounter, Joanne quickly observed that Smudge lacked energy and appeared mentally slow.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

Joanne recalls how quiet and atypical Smudge was as a kitten. She had short legs, delayed tooth growth, and struggled to navigate around due to her unusual gait. Smudge couldn’t even climb onto furniture without help, so Joanne kindly added ramps near the couch and bed for her to use.

After six weeks, Smudge had grown enough to undergo general anesthesia for her spaying and blood work. Joanne was relieved to find out that her blood work was normal except for a deficiency in thyroid hormone. Joanne explained that Smudge had been born with an underdeveloped pituitary gland, which caused congenital hypothyroidism. The lack of thyroid hormone could lead to early kidney failure, heart failure, chronic constipation, joint problems, and liver failure as the hormone is essential for the proper growth and function of all internal organs.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

Smudge, the adorable mini cat, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a serious medical condition. To help her develop normally, she started taking a synthetic thyroid hormone without any delay.

After a few months, Smudge has made significant progress. This is mainly because she was diagnosed at an early stage, which allowed her to begin treatment while still young. Joanne explains that starting treatment early can help prevent or even reverse neurological and musculoskeletal changes.

When Joanne first encountered Smudge, the feline was timid and unassertive. However, now, she is a contented and energetic pet who relishes playing with other cats, alone, and humans. According to Joanne, Smudge is like a Labrador and likes to shadow her family members around the house. Nonetheless, there is nothing Smudge finds more enjoyable than munching, especially on treats.

It’s quite a task to keep Smudge’s weight under control, and it gets even more challenging as she ages. There’s a higher chance of her developing joint problems like arthritis. Therefore, it’s important to run regular blood tests to ensure that her internal organs are functioning properly and she’s in good health overall. Smudge is indeed a special girl who needs extra care and attention.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

According to Joanne, who happens to be a veterinarian, she was aware that the cat’s condition needed constant monitoring and treatment. She also knew that cats with such medical conditions may have a shorter lifespan. However, after coming across Smudge’s story on social media, Joanne generously offered to provide her with foster care and eventually adopted her as her own.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

According to Joanne, not everyone can handle the responsibilities and expenses that come with caring for a cat like Smudge who has congenital hypothyroidism. Nonetheless, Joanne thinks that having a cat with special needs can be a gratifying experience for those who are up for the challenge.

According to Joanne, although it’s important to consider the financial aspect of adopting special needs kittens, they are primarily looking for love and affection, which they give back generously. Joanne believes that adopting a special needs kitten creates a strong bond as it entails a higher level of dedication.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

The bond between Smudge and her mother, Joanne, runs deep. Giving medicine to this adorable cat is no trouble at all for Joanne because of their connection. Smudge is extremely friendly and calm, making it easy for Joanne to manage her medication. She eagerly comes towards the fridge when she hears the sound of it opening, indicating it’s time for her daily medications. Joanne cannot help but gush over Smudge, describing her as a charming little girl with a delightful personality.

tuxedo rescue cat with congenital hypothyroidism

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