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Lucky had to spend two days lying down to avoid getting hit by the trains that passed by, worsening his already existing injuries. Fortunately, a group of rescuers from Philly Rescue Angels, Inc. came to his aid and saved him from his ordeal. The rescuers believed that Lucky’s owner had deliberately left him on the tracks to cover up the fact that they had caused his back injury, making it look like an accident. Lucky was quickly taken to the hospital for a comprehensive assessment of his condition. Despite being fortunate enough to be rescued and still alive, his spine had sustained significant damage, rendering him paralyzed.

The medical professionals deliberated over the possibility of euthanizing Lucky, but the rescuers banded together to rescue him and worked together on nursing him back to health. Lucky’s condition improved over time, and Philly Rescue Angels decided to put him up for adoption. However, despite receiving several inquiries from potential adopters, many of them lost interest after learning about Lucky’s behavioral issues. One of Lucky’s rescuers, Sidara Son, felt disheartened by this since she had become attached to the pup and had hoped he would find a loving forever home.

Lucky has become a beloved member of his new family, and in turn, he adores the other dogs. His previous anxiety and behavioral issues have disappeared since finding his new home. Lucky now enjoys going on walks, visiting the park, and playing with his furry siblings, and his family plans to take him on beach trips, hiking adventures, and fishing outings. Fortunately, Lucky’s health has improved, and he can now stand for longer periods while eating. With continued care and treatment, there is hope that he may regain the ability to walk with his spinal condition in the future. The family is grateful to all the individuals and organizations, including Philly Rescue Angels, Tiny Paws Rescue, and SEPTA transit police, who have helped with Lucky’s recovery and medical expenses. The community’s love, support, and concern for Lucky’s safety have been a true blessing, and the family credits everyone who played a part in saving Lucky’s life.

The Philly Rescue Angels team is incredibly grateful that Lucky has been adopted into his forever family. They can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he will be loved and cared for, without the fear of being abandoned again. The team believes that Lucky was meant to be with his new family all along, and they are thrilled that he has found his true home.

While traveling along the road, we chanced upon a youthful canine named Boy, who appeared to be waiting for someone. When we took him to the vet, we encountered several obstacles that made things quite difficult for us both.

Thanks to the doctor’s and our unwavering love and attention, he was able to overcome all his challenges and start a new, exciting chapter in his life. He now enjoys a warm home, surrounded by loved ones who are always there to support him, and a cozy bed to rest in.

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