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Unfortunately, millions of stray cats live on the streets of Greece. Many of them will never be able to live a life filled with love and comfort. But one cat still got a lucky ticket …

Our hero was picked up on the street when he was a little kitten. The baby needed urgent help, because his condition was terrible. The kitten was very dirty, emaciated, and his eyes did not open because of the accumulated pus.


In this state, the fluffy ended up in an animal shelter – there his path to recovery began.

His eyes were treated, and the kitten’s appetite was like that of an adult cat.) Therefore, the red-haired baby quickly began to bounce back and turn into a real handsome man.)

Very little time has passed in the orphanage. The kitten was chosen by one family and decided to take it for themselves. In the shelter he was given the funny name Blabla, the couple liked it and decided to leave it like that.

When Blabla arrived at his new home, he could not adapt for a long time. All that he knew before was street life, so the cat was not used to the fact that food was given just like that and while eating he constantly looked around, expecting an attack.

And what can we say about human kindness! Blabla was afraid of being touched. For the first months, he hid under furniture and only went out to eat and use the toilet.

Time passed and the family gradually managed to win the trust of the cat and he escaped from his shell of a stray animal!


Blabla made friends with Peter – this is the son of a married couple. They began to do EVERYTHING together – watch TV, read books, sleep, and often hug.


And not so long ago, a new family member appeared – Peter’s newborn sister. It often happens that people with the advent of a child forget about their pets, devoting all the time to the baby. But this is not about our family!

Blabla has become a real mustachioed nanny! The cat just loves to sleep with the baby, and also endures all her pushing, pinching and pinching.🙂


Watching the relationship between MURlyka and children is very touching. They grow, learn the world and develop together, and there is nothing better!

Just look at the selection of photos and videos of this charming trio! 

Does your pet know how to raise children?  🙂

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