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In a heartwarming turn of events, Jace the border collie was rescued from a seemingly intentional burial under a pile of weeds and is now living his best life with one of his rescuers. Last November, while on a walk in the Scottish Highlands, a group of individuals heard Jace’s cries for help coming from a heap of debris. They quickly sprang into action, digging through the rubble to uncover the poor pup who was barely hanging on. The group then contacted the Scottish SPCA, who sent Ynne Slss and Mar Greener to assist in the rescue mission. Thanks to their efforts, Jace is now safe and loved by one of his saviors.

Jae was taken to the veterinary clinic at Glasgw Animal Rescue and Rehming Centre after being found in a critical condition. The SSCA released an official statement stating that it was uncertain whether he would survive the night. One of the first witnesses on the scene, Slss, described it as one of the worst cases she had ever encountered. She expressed her shock, sorrow, and disbelief that someone could intentionally cause such harm to Jae. His head was severely swollen, and his condition was critical. Upon arrival at the emergency room, he was unconscious and receiving urgent medical attention.

Jace’s situation was very critical, but he didn’t give up on living. He slept soundly through the night and woke up determined to heal himself. The staff at the Glasgow emergency clinic were amazed by Jace’s resilience since they only realized how bad his condition was once he arrived there. According to Slss, Jace needed a lot of care and support for his physical and mental recovery.

Jace was examined at the animal clinic and found to have suffered skull and mandible fractures, as well as losing one eye as a result of his injuries. The pooch underwent numerous surgeries to pull through, but slowly started to recuperate. Following weeks of recovery, Jace was cleared to relocate to a foster care facility where animal welfare inspector Mar Greener stepped in. Despite being new to the job when he was assigned to Jace’s case, the pup held a special position in Greener’s heart, and he was happy to offer a temporary shelter to the dog.

According to Greener, when Jae came home with him, he was in a fragile state and his fractures had not fully healed, which made it difficult for him to close his mouth. As a result, he required specialized care to help him recover. Not only did he need physical recovery, but he also suffered from significant mental trauma. Although it is unclear what kind of maltreatment he faced before being buried alive under a pile of decomposing bodies, it was definitely not a pleasant experience for him. Greener mentioned that it took Jae some time to trust him, but now they are reunited and living together again.

Greener proudly admits that Jae, his foster dog, has become a permanent member of his family. Despite being a “foster failure,” Greener believes that Jae is where he truly belongs. Building trust with Jae was not an easy task, but Greener values the bond they share and would never want to break it. He fondly says that they spend most of their time outdoors, and Jae provides him with a means to relax. Greener cannot fathom living without Jae and expresses his gratitude towards those who found the furry creature. Without their help, Jae may not have made it.

The mistreatment of animals, whether they are pets, wild, or livestock, still remains a prevalent issue. Although there are laws in place to protect these creatures, the most effective way to make a positive impact is through personal acts of kindness towards them.

Appearances can be misleading, especially when it comes to pets. There are some animals born with genetic abnormalities that give them a perpetual “mood” expression, even if they do not necessarily feel that way. One such famous example is Grumpy Cat, who always looks irritated.

Meet Sushi, a feline who has been dubbed as the most miserable-looking cat on the planet because of his sagging facial features. However, don’t let his melancholy appearance fool you – he’s a contented kitty with a wonderful home. Larissa Yamaguchi took in Sushi when he was still a baby back in 2016 after someone reportedly tossed him into a flooded street. Despite his troubled past, Sushi is now thriving under the care of his loving owner.

Larissa was drawn to Sushi, despite noticing his distinct facial appearance, which she later learned was due to a genetic condition. Even though Sushi’s skin was sensitive and droopy, Larissa loved him and spent four years trying to diagnose his condition. Unfortunately, no vets or medication could help until last year when it was discovered that Sushi had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a rare disorder of the connective tissue that affects skin elasticity and sensitivity. Despite going through a scary infection in 2018 that caused Sushi to lose part of his neck skin, he has been receiving proper care ever since.

Sushi, the cat with a rare condition, was diagnosed by a cat dermatologist after years of struggling with the unknown. Fortunately, the condition is not fatal, and Sushi’s owner is now helping him manage it. To prevent scratching, Sushi wears a protective collar and requires regular moisturizing. Despite his unique appearance, Sushi is content and happy in his loving home. However, strangers often mistake his face as “sad” and have varying reactions to his appearance. Some are shocked or scared, while others love him at first sight or even laugh at him.

Larissa’s cat, Sushi, is thriving despite his rare condition, and Larissa hopes that his popularity on Instagram will bring awareness to EDS. Larissa explains that EDS is not well-known and is uncommon in both humans and animals. Nevertheless, Sushi has over 3,000 followers on Instagram and serves as an excellent example of how even the most sorrowful-looking cats can be beautiful. Despite his condition, Sushi is living his best life with Larissa’s loving care, and we know that he is a happy cat. Let’s share this story to celebrate all cats, regardless of their appearance.

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