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Horchata probably had a feeling he would find the help he desperately needed by showing up in front of a house. This stray cat’s intuition did not deceive him.

Illustration: "A stray cat becomes the king of cuddles after knocking on the right door"

In Highland Park , California (United States), a white cat chose to stop in front of a house, then land on its terrace. The feline was very friendly, but bore multiple injuries.

A few days later, while a pet sitter called Carla Robinson was caring for the owners’ pet, the cat reappeared. When he returned, he was in a worrying state. Carla Robinson and another volunteer, Claudia , immediately decided to help her.

The pet-sitter had no trouble picking him up, or placing him in a crate. As if he was trying to show that he was ready to leave the streets for good.

The Siamese cross , who was called Horchata, needed a foster family. The local association Boomer’s Buddies Rescue found him one, that of Catherine .

With the latter, Horchata quickly made her mark. “ Within an hour [after arriving], he was cuddled up against his foster mother’s chest. He was getting sweeter and sweeter every day ,”

The cat was examined by a veterinarian. He discovered that he was positive for FIV , or cat AIDS. His wounds were treated, and he was treated for external and internal parasites.

Horchata and Catherine have become inseparable

As his health improved, Horchata grew even more affectionate towards Catherine . The bonds between the feline and its benefactress have only grown stronger over time. Avid for attention, he loves to be caressed and carried like a baby.

A few months into his care, wonderful news was shared about him on Boomer’s Buddies Rescue Facebook page . The association has, in fact, announced that Catherine has decided to adopt her definitively.

Horchata ‘s provisional family thus became his forever.

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