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After contacting the fire department without result, a young woman placed all her hopes in the hands of a maintenance company for the rescue of her cat. The latter had climbed to the top of the roof of the house and could no longer come down.

Illustration: "The desperate owner of a cat stuck on the roof relies on property maintenance professionals"
A cat has been rescued by 2 professionals after spending several hours stuck on the roof of its owner’s home, Shropshire Star reported on Tuesday, June 13.

Nicole Averley , who lives in Telford in the county of Shropshire (England), launched an urgent appeal for help on Facebook on Tuesday morning. She explained there that her cat with a red dress and answering the name of Stitch was in bad shape and that he had to be rescued as soon as possible.

The feline had noticed that the bathroom window was open and had taken the opportunity to sneak outside. He had climbed the roof of the house, which is built on 3 levels, before realizing that he was no longer able to come down.

For at least 3 hours, the tomcat had been stuck about ten meters high. His owner had asked for help from the fire brigade, but the latter told him that they did not intervene in animal rescues without having been asked by the RSPCA .

Following the posting of his SOS, people recommended he speak to Chris Barber , of property maintenance company Finesse Finishes .

He and his colleague Ben Watkins are based in Market Drayton , about 30 miles away, but luckily they were just working in Telford at the time. Within 10 minutes, the duo were in front of Nicole Averley ‘s house with all their gear.

Chris Barber and Ben Watkins deployed their aerial lift and arrived at Stitch , but the cat was too scared to let himself approach. They then offered him a can of tuna; the animal couldn’t resist the tantalizing smell of the treat and they finally managed to catch up with it.

“Without them, Stitch would still be up there”

All they had to do was bring it back down and return it to its relieved owner. ” Without Chris Burton and his colleague Ben, Stitch could still be up there now, in 27 degrees ,” said a grateful Nicole Averley to have her best friend in her arms again.

“ All the fun was for us , replied the hero of the day in the comments under his Facebook post . Thank you for your wonderful hospitality ”.

This is not Chris Burton ‘s first animal rescue. Recently, he had rescued some trapped birds.

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