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An individual who follows Animals Care Media recently shared a video with them featuring a small puppy residing near a landfill. Despite being wary of humans, the puppy was scavenging for food in the area.

The compassionate individual attempted to capture the animal but was unsuccessful, prompting a call to the Animals Care Media. A rescuer arrived on the scene and scoured all the trash heaps, but the creature was nowhere to be found. Finally, the rescuer discovered the critter attempting to keep warm by taking shelter beneath a stack of firewood.

After being rescued, the individual who found him brought him to their home where they conducted a series of tests and provided him with food. The male puppy’s age ranges between two to three months and his weight is at 1.8 kilograms. He appears to be in great condition and has a cheerful and amusing personality.

A pair of felines were raised on the tough urban streets and took charge of nurturing a group of kittens as a team. Their incredible bond and reliance on each other were admired by many who witnessed it.

bonded cat sisters

Once upon a time, there were two feline siblings named Celia and Gladys who lived in a cat community based in Montreal. These sisters had an unbreakable bond that was evident to anyone who observed them. Simone, a woman who helped these cats in the community, discovered that one of the sisters had given birth to kittens. During this time, the other sister remained close by and never left her side as she nursed and cared for her newborns. However, the area where they resided was not secure enough to raise little ones. As a result, Simone set up a humane trap and hoped to rescue the entire family from danger.

shy cat sisters

After showing remarkable patience, she managed to capture both the mother cat and her kittens, along with her sister. They were then taken by a veterinary clinic where they were given a secure environment to raise their babies. Celia and Gladys then worked together to nurture the young ones until they were old enough to be adopted.

bonded cats

Although all the kittens were able to find loving homes fairly quickly, the two cat sisters still required a bit of socialization due to their previous outdoor lifestyle. To remedy this, the clinic reached out to Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a local rescue organization, for help. A family who generously volunteers for the rescue stepped forward and happily took in the sisters to foster.

brown tabby cat

In no time at all, Gladys adapted to her foster family and began seeking their affection. Meanwhile, Celia remained hesitant and followed her sister around everywhere she went. However, after settling into their cozy new surroundings, Gladys blossomed into a sociable and curious feline, relishing in the companionship of her humans and showing interest in their everyday activities.

gray cat tabby cuddly

Celia relies heavily on her elder sister, Gladys. She observes her every move and seeks solace in her company. In response, Gladys grooms Celia to calm her down. Celia’s dependence on Gladys is quite significant as she sticks to her constantly, even during her naps.

bonded cat sisters

Celia tends to hide in her cubbyhole whenever visitors come around, but she feels comfortable coming out of hiding when she sees Gladys. The two sisters share a strong bond and do most things together. Celia’s confidence has been gradually improving by observing how Gladys interacts with others, which has helped her to build trust with people.

bonded cat sisters

Whenever the humans in the household sit on the couch, Gladys the cat will immediately come running to join them. Celia, the second cat in the family, will usually follow suit and settle down close to Gladys. Furthermore, if the family plays a video of a cat meowing on their computer, Gladys will be quick to investigate and Celia will not be far behind her.

cat tabby best friends

The couple enjoys relaxing and cuddling by the window, soaking up the sun and observing the wildlife and neighbors. They hope to find a caring family that is willing to invest time and effort in helping them become more confident and flourish.

cuddly cats sleeping

Celia and Gladys have been inseparable since birth. They’ve endured the rough streets together and even raised a litter as a dynamic duo. However, they now relish their life as indoor cats and are eager to spend the rest of their days living in luxury together.

sweet cats snuggling

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