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In January 2021, Harlow embarked on a new journey as he was rescued from the P.S.A. shelter. His previous owner had left him locked up in a room while they were on a vacation. Unfortunately, due to his severe underweight condition, no one seemed interested in adopting Harlow at first.

When I introduced Harlow to my home, he was very scared at first. To comfort him, I stayed with him and provided him with both kind words and nutritious food to help him recover and feel better.

The day after, he finally gathered the courage to enjoy the backyard with our other furry friend, Jada. Nonetheless, every time we left him by himself, he seemed to feel down. To ease his worries, I ended up having frequent chats with him and even letting him stay in my room for a couple of nights.

Thankfully, Harlow had an insatiable hunger and managed to put on two kilograms in a mere seven days. Despite still looking thin, he was much better off than before and was 20 kilograms lighter than his recommended weight. As time went by, Harlow’s self-assurance grew and he became more relaxed and less scared. He began to take pleasure in leisurely walks and was able to conquer his fear of darkness. His favorite pastime soon became sprinting around the garden, relishing in his newfound liberty.

After seeing some noticeable progress in Harlow’s behavior, I made the decision to bring him to the beach for the very first time. It turned out to be a life-changing adventure for my furry friend, as he was over the moon with excitement while playing in the sand, basking in the sunlight, and splashing around in the waves. You could tell by the constant wag of his tail that he was having the time of his life.

It’s great to see him grow and move forward from his previous struggles, despite the fact that there’s something he does that really bothers me.

Harlow’s story is a shining example of the incredible strength that love, patience, and empathy can bring. Despite facing hardships in his past, Harlow has persevered and now looks forward to a bright future alongside his caring and supportive family.

Two feline companions collaborated to take care of six adorable kittens, who happened to be a mix of both their families, all with the generous assistance of compassionate individuals.

cat мoмs kittens nursing

Emika and KokoroBest: A Heartwarming Tale of Two Cat Moms and Their Kittens

Best Friends Felines, a reputable cat rescue organization in Brisbane, Australia, was recently approached for help with two mother cats and their litters. Without hesitation, they took in the furry family. The social worker who reached out to them was desperate for their assistance, and the rescue center couldn’t refuse.

The blended family consisted of six kittens born just five days apart between two cat moms, Emika (a snowshoe) and Kokoro (a black tortie). When they arrived at the rescue center, the two mothers had already established a system of sharing parenting duties. They took turns nursing their babies, and they curled up together while the kittens fed.

Renae, a foster carer from the rescue center, opened her loving home to the family of eight. She ensured that the cats were provided with a comfortable nursery and an abundance of food to eat all day long. The heartwarming story of Emika and KokoroBest is a testament to the love and care that Best Friends Felines provides to cats in need.

cat мoм snuggling kittens

During the initial two weeks, Emи dedicated most of her time to taking care of the kittens. This was a unique experience for Renae as she witnessed two mothers, Emи and Koko, who were jointly taking care of their respective litters. It was heart-warming for Renae to see the camaraderie between the two mothers. Emи had two younger kittens, a male and a female, while Koko’s litter consisted of four older kittens, three males, and one female. The two cat mothers took care of each other’s kittens and ensured that they were well-fed and clean at all times.

cat Ƅathing kittens

Koko gave each of the kittens a loving home and at around 4 to 5 weeks of age, they were filled with endless energy. Despite this, Koko and Emi cherished each kitten and tended to their every need. “It’s amazing to watch the whole family. They’re always on the move and even sneaking food from their mom.” Emi mostly spent her time with the kittens, while Koko took frequent breaks to recharge and stretch. She was grateful to have Emi babysit her own four kittens when she needed some personal time to herself.

cat мoмs kittens

Emi and Koko are working together as foster cats for Best Friends Felines, and they are the best of friends. Emi is incredibly dedicated to her role, never straying too far from any of the kittens and showing equal love to them all, according to Renae. Occasionally, Emi will take a break from caring for the kittens to sit beside her foster mom, almost as if she’s expressing her gratitude for the food and comfort provided. Both Emi and Koko have beautiful, gentle personalities, which is reflected in the calm and contented nature of their kittens.

yawning snowshoe cat

Joyful EmiBest Friends Felines
As soon as the little cats were separated from their mother’s milk, they discovered that Renae was their new source of sustenance. Whenever she opened the door, they scampered towards her without delay. Renae had to be prompt in placing the food on the ground since the kittens would crawl all over her feet and meow until she put it down.

kitten exploring

Close Pals of the Feline Variety

I find it absolutely hilarious watching these little rascals playfully frolic around, tumbling and leaping onto each other. Their antics keep me entertained for hours on end. As the kittens grow older and start exploring the great outdoors more frequently, Koko and Emи are gladly stepping back from their maternal responsibilities.

cats kitten sweet

Close Companions Cats

Their feline friends started to become more attached to their owners, competing for cuddles and naps on their laps. They also got along well with the cats that already lived in the household. Emi quickly became friends with them, while Koko proudly displayed her sassy personality by acting like the boss of the house.

snowshoe cat eмi

Koko and Emi were fantastic at taking care of their six energetic kittens. It was quite a challenging task to keep up with their demands. However, as the kittens grew up and became healthy and playful young cats, the mothers were overjoyed and proud to see them explore the world on their own.

Ƅlack tortie cat koko


The kittens at Best Friends Felines were fortunate enough to be given another opportunity where they no longer had to worry about having enough food or a safe place to stay. Each one of them has now found a permanent home filled with love and affection.

Koko and Emi, two former feline mothers, have since retired from their duties and are now savoring every moment of their lives with their forever humans.

cute orange kitten

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