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Razor the Dachshund showed his bravery by rescuing a St. Bernard named Jazzy, who was trapped in a damp and chilly trench for approximately 18 hours. Jazzy had accidentally escaped Tim Chavez’s residence in New Mexico on Sunday.


On Monday morning, Razor attempted to warn Chavez that there was an issue while he was preparing for work. Although Razor’s owner did not recognize at the moment that Razor was attempting to indicate that something was wrong. However, Razor was determined to help his friend and persisted in attempting to attract someone’s attention. Even the neighbor was barked at by Razor. Finally, a passerby noticed Razor’s incessant barking and followed him, resulting in the discovery of Jazzy.



Chavez recounted the story of Jazzy’s rescue to KRQE, explaining how Razor ran across the field and along the irrigation ditch before discovering Jazzy in her predicament. Jazzy had been stuck in the mud, buried at least two feet deep in the spot where they found her. The quick-thinking group immediately called for assistance, and eight Belen Fire & Rescue members arrived on the scene to help free the large dog. They successfully extricated Jazzy using backboard straps and a long spine board, safely pulling her out of the ditch.


It is crucial to bear in mind that each animal has its own distinct personality and behavior. Nevertheless, anecdotes such as this one are a poignant reminder of the remarkable and selfless actions that animals can undertake, despite their differences in size or breed.
The inspiring story of the courageous Dachshund who rescued the St. Bernard is a touching example of the incredible character of animals and the potency of empathy. It highlights the relationships that can be forged between disparate species and the potential for displays of courage and benevolence within the animal kingdom.

When Salem was just a little kitty, only 7 weeks old, he encountered an unfortunate incident that left him with two broken legs. However, this courageous feline was lucky enough to be rescued and taken to the vet for proper care. As time passed, Salem’s wounds healed and he grew stronger and bigger. In no time, Salem transformed into a sassy cat with an unbeatable confidence that his family adores.

cute kitten

Hailee Weader shared that her cat, Salem, has a strict feeding schedule. If she fails to wake up at precisely 8 a.m. to feed him, he resorts to playful yet annoying tactics such as sitting on top of her, swatting her face, or pulling her hair until she wakes up. Salem is also a vocal feline who enjoys meowing and following his owners around the house, even into the shower. However, if he feels ignored or displeased with something, he tends to knock off nearby plants from windowsills or tables, causing a significant mess.

cat in the kitchen

Meet Hailee Weader’s furry friend, Salem, who not only has his own set of strong opinions but is also very perceptive when it comes to people’s emotions. Though Salem was rescued by Weader, as he grew older, it became evident that he would be the one rescuing his human in his own special way. Whenever Weader is having a rough day or experiencing a panic attack, Salem intuitively crawls onto her lap or snuggles up beside her and begins kneading her legs while purring loudly. Throughout the past year, Salem has undoubtedly been a source of comfort to Weader during tough times.

cute cat

Hailee Weader realized that she couldn’t face her senior year of college without her feline friend, Salem. Therefore, she decided to embrace Salem as her official college emotional support cat.

cat on campus

According to Hailee Weader, her pet was quite famous around the campus. Whenever she took him out for a walk or pushed him in his special cat stroller, people would come up to them and shower her beloved pet with attention. It was almost as if he was some kind of celebrity, and everyone wanted to talk to him or pet him.

cat in a stroller

As Hailee Weader approached her graduation day, she realized that she couldn’t imagine reaching this milestone without her loyal companion, Salem. Throughout her college journey, Salem had always been by her side and had provided unwavering emotional support. She felt that he too deserved recognition for his contribution to her success. Therefore, she went ahead and purchased a cap and gown for Salem so that he could walk alongside her during the graduation ceremony and receive an honorary degree in emotional support.

graduation cat

Hailee Weader shared how her graduation ceremony was held in a unique way due to the pandemic, with a drive-by setup. Her son Salem joined her and rode along, making the day even more special. After the ceremony, many people were impressed by Salem’s graduation outfit and couldn’t stop complimenting him. Weader expressed that everyone had a great time despite the circumstances and enjoyed celebrating the occasion.

cat graduation

Hailee Weader had no clue that Salem would become such a valuable support system in her life when they first met. However, Salem is more than willing to return the favor after all the help his mother provided him with.

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