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It was a chilly day when a stranger heard meowing near a car. The rescuer soon discovered the noise was coming from under the hood of the car and opened it to find Mango inside. He was most likely trying to find a warm place to ride out the freezing temperatures, and luckily he wasn’t hurt.  was contacted and brought Mango over. Shannon Keith, president of R + FP fostered Mango, named for his orange fur, until they found him a home.

Simon/Hefty Before and After


Simon (previously known as Hefty) was found in Bridgewater, Massachusetts tangled inside a trash bag that was cutting off circulation to one of his feet. At just five pounds, he was starving and had been badly wounded by what was most likely a coyote attack. His rescuer and Taunton Animal Hospital saved his life with the medical care, including laser treatments (thus the cool googles), he desperately needed. When Hefty’s story was featured on a local news station and he was able to find a loving home the next day through the and now resides on Cape Cod with a loving family and a new name, Simon.

Georgia Before and After


When a supporter of the Scituate Animal Shelter brought in a cat that had died in a car accident to the shelter in hopes of locating its owner, they quickly realized the cat had recently given birth and immediately took to social media channels for help in finding the orphaned kittens. A local CBS news station helped get the word out as well. A tip from one of their followers led them to discover the kittens days later, clinging to life in a chilly barn. Thankfully, all the kittens survived and are thriving in forever homes.

Lupine Before and After


In his previous life on the streets in a rural Missouri town, Lupine had been used for target practice and was, understandably, traumatized. He’d been shot in the head several times with a pellet gun and his left shoulder had been shot with a rifle, fracturing it to the point that he’d need to have it amputated. It took a lot of love, patience, and devotion from a local veterinarian and foster parents to help Lupine heal emotionally and physically. When Lupine opened his fractured heart his foster parents didn’t want to be without him, so they made Lupine a part of their family. He lives today like nothing ever happened to him—a happy kitten that loves tummy rubs and his sister cat, Minerva.

Meow Ze Dong Before and After

Meow Ze Dong

After Hurricane Matthew, Brittney Hiller and husband were lunching at Hunting Island, South Carolina along the marsh boardwalk. They heard sounds coming from nearby and discovered it was a tiny kitten. Beth lured him out with a piece of meat from her sandwich and tried to pick him up, but he was skittish and ran away. She decided to go back the next day and see if she could capture him. Apparently, he liked banana nut muffins better because that’s how she got close enough to wrap him in a towel and take him home. Meow Ze Dong, as he’s called, now lives happily in a 4,000 square foot complex keeping the Hiller’s business free of mice and bugs when he isn’t taking a nap on an office chair.

Mollie Before and After


The neighbor of a PETA staffer found a sweet kitty with a collar embedded under her front leg. The cat had managed to get a front leg through her collar; the tight fit and chaffing had created a deep wound under her leg. She was also extremely thin. The PETA rescuer took the cat to the vet for a wound check and shots and spent three months trying to find a home for the kitty. But, she became so attached that she decided to permanently adopt the cat and named her Mollie.

Barry Before and After


Barry recently came to the Animal Protective Association (APA) of Missouri as a stray. In his young life, he faced hardships we can only imagine, including being badly burned over much of his body. His skin was dry and painful and the tips of his ears had melted from the burns. But these horrible things didn’t burn Barry’s spirit. He still trusted some humans and never missed a chance to cuddle. Thanks to the support of Heads to Tails Hope Fund for Cats, Barry now enjoys a happy life with his new family and cat brother, Larry. Wondering what your cat is trying to tell you?

Magoo Before and After


Magoo didn’t have much time left when he was found by a good Samaritan lying frozen and lifeless in a snowy ditch in upstate New York. Magoo suffered severe frostbite to his face and limbs as well as nerve damage to his hind legs. Due to the severity of his condition he was transported to the North Shore Animal League America and enrolled in their Help Me Heal Program. The damage on his face and nose required reconstructive surgery so he could eat better and avoid secondary complications. Despite more surgical procedures, Magoo continued to fight his way back to health and today is thriving in his foster home while his adoption is being finalized.

Yoda Before and After


Yoda had enough of the human race. He hid in the back of his cage when North Shore Animal League took him in and didn’t want anything to do with his new mom, Beth Stern (aka, Howard Stern’s wife). You can’t blame him, because when North Shore Animal League rescued Yoda he was skinny, sickly, and his fur was matted. On top of that, he had a serious heart condition and his future didn’t look too bright. That didn’t deter Beth from wanting to give Yoda a loving home for the remaining time he had left. But what happened next shocked everyone. You see, Beth also fosters kittens for the North Shore Animal League and Yoda began to thrive when Beth’s foster kittens came into the home. He seemed to have discovered his life’s purpose looking after the orphan kittens, acting like a parent to them. He still has that heart condition but he’s made a miraculous turnaround and is now healthier and happier than anyone thought he would be! Next, read on for 19 dog adoption photos that will melt your heart.

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