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A couple went to the shelter several times and fell in love with this 6 year old cat every time. Despite his health issues, they decided to take him home and help him get a quality life he deserves.

“We adopted him from the SPCA four months ago. We are in love!”

“He is 6 years old. We don’t know about his past history. They didn’t seem to have anything on record at the SPCA. We had been looking to adopt another cat and went up there a few times and fell in love with him every time,” Laura Russell shares the story.

“Each time we left without him our hearts broke, so we knew he was the one. He does have some health issues, however, which is probably why he had been in there 4 months and not been adopted. We didn’t care though.”

First day home!

“They had both been chillin on the couch together, but when I had walked away then walked back into the room later, they had both fallen asleep together. Super cute ”

Leo fell asleep with his human dad.

Leo needs a surgery to have some of his teeth removed due to a gum infection. The couple have been saving for that.

“Everyone told us to take him back to the SPCA, but we refused. We love him as he is.”

“Whoever dropped him off there in the first place probably didn’t want to deal with his health issues because of the money involved, and I sure won’t be the second one to abandon him. He’s family!”

“I highly recommend adopting an older cat! They have less chance of ever being adopted. It’s such a good feeling to be able to give them the love they deserve. Plus they are super sweet! I’ve never met a more loving cat than Leo. He’s simply perfect,” they told Love Meow.


Leo had his dental surgery and is doing very well now.

He is happier than ever!

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