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A stray cat mama brought her two tiny kittens to a family’s door six months ago.

“She was less than five pounds, nursing two kittens, and had another litter on the way when she showed up under our steps.”

The tabby, named Honey, showed up at Calista’s home while she was in Hawaii. She came with two little 3-week-old kittens. They were very timid and wouldn’t let anyone near them.

It took several weeks before Calista and her boyfriend, Nathan, could sit near the feline family. The couple started contemplating about taking them in, but were soon hit by devastating news about one of the kittens.

“My boyfriend came home one night to find one of the kittens had been hit by a car. It broke our hearts. It felt like I had failed these sweet little things that had finally come to trust us,” Calista shared with Love Meow.

They took Honey and her kitten Pippa in the next morning. After exploring every nook and cranny, Mama and her kitten took over their humans’ bed as their own.

A couple of weeks later, Calista noticed that Honey’s belly was getting bigger.

“She was sporting a baby bump. We began prepping nesting boxes, though Honey chose the middle of our bedroom floor as her birthing quarters,” Calista said.

Mama was getting closer and closer to labor.

Honey gave birth to four beautiful and healthy fur babies while Pippa was by their side, guarding.

There were three boys and one girl.

Gus the tabby was the biggest baby, and Charlie the smaller ginger was the runt.

“The first two weeks or so were a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping. They would wriggle around or towards their mama when they smelled her nearby, and sometimes fall asleep from the exertion.”

Pippa was never far from her tinier siblings, watching mama care for them.

“They tend to meow (in the tiniest, squeakiest little voices) when they stray too far from the rest of the litter. It’s crucial that they stay warm when they’re that young.

“We would fill socks with rice and microwave them, then place them around the nest so that they would have plenty of heat sources.”

Honey was a very loving mama cat who worked around the clock to keep her babies fed and clean.

All four kittens grew by leaps and bounds.

Mama tried to catch some sleep while her babies were nursing away.

When the kittens were big enough, they were spayed/neutered and went to good homes. Mama was done having kittens for good.

“All of the kittens were adopted by close family and friends – I even brought Charlie 4,000 miles to live with my parents, where he’s loved like a grandchild.”

“Honey and Pippa live with us in their forever home. They are the sweetest, most affectionate kitties I’ve ever known.

“It’s been a long and emotional journey, but I’m so grateful that they chose us.”

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