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The current owner found her abandoned cat on the street in Philadelphia, USA.
Once found in the X-ray format with the Face of a character coming out of a horror movie, the braille cat has now become a mirror of inspiration and life force for many people, because of her miraculous recovery. with double eyes has been sewn back.

Lucky to have big, innocent eyes, as adorable as any other kitten in the world, but this 8-week-old cat looks a lot better than she did a few weeks ago – when she was discovered. . crashed on the road in the state of Philadelphia. Braille owners, two girls Erin Signor, 22, and Sara Konnecke, 25, said the cat is now favored as a lighthouse, bringing hope to animals and people with disabilities.

Braille – cô mèo 8 tuần tuổi với đôi mắt nhiễm trùng nặng khi được tìm thấy. (Ảnh: Mercury Press)

Braille – 8 week old cat with severe eye infection when found. (Photo: Mercury Press)

Braille was discovered on the street when she was only 5 weeks old and was brought to the Philadelphia animal care center, where her owner Sara works. At that time, the cat weighed just over 300 grams, her eyes were severely infected with a scaly eye that could not be opened, the other side bulged out.

Braille could barely eat or drink, even breathing was difficult. The little cat’s health was so bad that people once thought of giving her a “death of grace” so that she would no longer be tormented by pain. But Sara refused to agree and tried everything to save Braille’s life.

Two young girls Sara and Erin, owners of two other cats named Daisy and Lily, are determined not to give up hope despite the kitten always having to apply hot water and give medicine every 2 hours. And now, they can proudly call Braille a tenacious warrior after her cat’s eye surgery was a success.

Erin said that on the first night they brought Braille home, she cried a lot because of the pressure and concern for the poor cat. “We really didn’t think she would survive, sometimes even thinking about freeing her from the pain that torments her every day. But then Sara assured me she had seen many kittens overcome adversity like this, and that’s why she insisted we could save Braille.”

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