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Griffon, a sweet stray pup, had spent so much time on the streets that he had all but given up hope of ever finding a family.

Until one day, he caught a lucky break.

His wandering brought him to the most unlikely of places, literally a foreign naval base, where he landed in the arms of the man who saved him.

According to a post on Facebook by Paws of War, a nonprofit that trains service dogs for veterans and first responders, “A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately recognized he wouldn’t survive long alone in such a dangerous environment.”

“Scooping the pup up into his arms as he was reminded of his unit’s motto, ‘Those who arrive alive, leave alive,’ and he knew it had to apply to this little soul too.”

It didn’t take long for word of Griffon to spread across the base, and soon everyone was eager to see him.

The statement added, “As the Commander stepped up to care for Griffon, he formed a strong bond with the pup who follows him everywhere,” the post continued.”

“Little Griffon became family. The pup is a bright spot in the days of everyone who meets him.”

The hero commander, who will have to go unnamed, made the decision to adopt Griffon and bring him home with him when he returns to the United States.

Paws of War spokesman Gary Baumann has assured reporters that the commander and Griffon will be reunited shortly.

“Griffon is a super pup,” Baumann told The Dodo. “He loves everyone and every dog he meets and loves to eat. He is doing great.”

“We hope to have a reunion soon,” Baumann said. “The commander is from Maryland and has a wife and kids to welcome Griffon home.”

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