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The owner dies, the cat is a year without leaving the owner

Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28 years old, living in Central Java, Indonesia, was the first to hear the cat’s pitiful whimper and wanted to take it home but failed. The cat found its way back to the house.

Veterinary clinics said. It has been a year since the owner passed away, but every day this cat still rolls out a curl to remember the old people.

Veterinary centers said. It only left once it went to a nearby nursery to get some leftovers and water, and then every night it still returned to its familiar place, rolling around mourning its deceased owner.

“It just lay there, sometimes making a few ‘meow’ sounds that were very painful,” Keli told The Mirror. “What he wants is to lie down with his master.”

Animal experts say that although the cat looks cold and closed, it still feels extreme grief after the death of its owner. Cats can become anxious, lose interest in the outside world, and become disinterested.

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