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Several kids were playing outside their building in Phoenix, Arizona, when they spotted a tiny kitten wearing casts on sidewalk. The kids quickly took her home and asked their parents to save her.

When their parents saw the kitten and her broken legs, they contacted Hamel, a famous woman in the rescue community with hoping she could help the poor kitten.“I knew the minute she arrived I would run her straight up to my vet,” Hamel said. “When she was brought to me, there was a little girl maybe 4 years old who was one of her finders. She had named her Cupcake and I told her that I loved the name and would keep it!”Hamel took Cupcake to the vet to figure out what happened with her. After being examined, everyone was stunned to discover that her legs weren’t broken at all, they worked perfectly fine and that meant the casts were put on purposely. Beside her broken legs, she was also underweight, dehydrated and malnourished.

“She was quite a sight,” Hamel said. “I have to admit I have never seen anything quite like it. Besides the strange apparatus that she was dragging around behind her she was so incredibly tiny! She looked so much bigger in the picture I had been sent.”

Thanks to the veterinary staff and Hamel’s care, Cupcake is on her journey to recovery. And once she’s fully healthy again, she is ready to be adopted by a wonderful family. Despite everything she had been through, she still loves everyone and her new family.

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