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Cats are known for their curious and adventurous nature, and their penchant for getting into mischief. This was the case for a group of cats who learned a valuable lesson after their playful exploration of a bucket of paint ended up making a bit of a mess.

The cats, who lived in a home with their owner, were left alone for a few hours while the owner ran some errands. During this time, the cats discovered a bucket of paint that had been left out in the garage.

Curious and playful, the cats began to investigate the bucket of paint. They pawed at it, sniffed it, and even dipped their paws into the paint, leaving colorful paw prints all over the garage floor.

As the cats continued to play, they accidentally knocked over the bucket of paint, spilling its contents all over the garage floor. The once-clean floor was now covered in a colorful mess of paint, and the cats were covered in paint as well.

When the owner returned home, they were greeted by a chaotic scene. The cats were covered in paint and the garage was a mess. The owner was understandably upset and spent hours cleaning up the paint and trying to wash it off the cats.

Two young kittens found themselves in a precarious situation when they accidentally tumbled into a bucket of white paint. As they struggled to free themselves from the sticky and viscous substance, their tiny paws and fur became increasingly coated with the thick liquid. Panicked and disoriented, the kittens meowed frantically for help, but their cries went unheard. It wasn’t until a kind-hearted passerby noticed their plight and rushed to their aid that the kittens were finally rescued from their paint-filled predicament. Though shaken and shaken up, the two felines were thankfully unharmed, save for their newly acquired white coats.


On the night, some homeowners were painting the outside of their house when they left the large bucket unattended. A neighbor’s CCTV cameras later confirmed that the couple went into their garage for just a few minutes to grab supplies when the curious kittens approached the open container.

It is not mentioned why the kittens were outside exploring unattended, if they were feral or if they belonged to someone.

Then As They Were Investigating The Paint, Both Managed To Fall Into The Paint Bucket!


They were immediately rushed to nearby Bradford Cat Watch Rescue when they were discovered. The kittens were absolutely covered and dripping with white glossy paint from their heads to the tip their tails.

This was a first for the experienced shelter. Saving over 500 cats a year, never had they seen such a sight!


Jumping into action, they rushed the 2 kittens to their vet’s office. Both the vet and the team had no clue of the fastest and safest way to clean the paint off the kittens.

The safest option they found was to bathe the kittens in butter, but this only managed to clean off some of the paint. Even that took hours of work and 2 very scared and patient kittens.


Volunteers wouldn’t give up and little by little the paint is coming off. There is still a long way to go however and lots of brushing and grooming is certainly in the kittens’ futures.


Not only are rescuers concerned about cleaning the kittens fur though, they are both having respiratory issues from the paint fumes.

Toxicity levels from the dip they took are also unknown to date and they will continue to monitor the babies closely for any after-effects. It sadly could produce damaging liver issues after the exposure they experienced.

The duo have been aptly named Dulux and Johnstone after 2 paint brands.


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