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She is a stunning kitten with bent legs who was discovered abandoned on a field next to her brother. Despite her physical limitations and ongoing health issues, she is determined to have a regular cat’s life.

The lady who discovered the tabby cat and her brother in the farm’s horse stable sent a message requesting assistance.

As a volunteer foster mom and animal rescuer from Higgins Lake, Michigan, Anna Dickerson-Homan chose to take them into her house after seeing the article.

The two kittens were around 4 weeks old at the time, and the little tabby clearly had genetic flaws. Both kittens were very undernourished and dehydrated, covered with fleas, and needed food and special medical care immediately.

The two boys had a satisfying lunch and a nice shower before snuggling into their brand-new bed and falling asleep quickly. Bart, a black kitten, was born without a tail, while Lisa, a tabby kitten, was born with spinal deformities due to Manx syndrome.

Lisa also had various birth defects that made it difficult for her to live a typical life, such as bent front legs, yet she was usually cheerful. After getting a nice night’s sleep, Lisa rested her little legs and started to look about, eager to meet everyone.

It appears that the courageous cat was not going to allow anything stand in her way of living a very happy life, and it was amazing that she was prepared to do so. Lisa appeared to be living a problem-free existence as she continued to enjoy her cozy surroundings close to her adored brother.

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