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It’s crucial to feed kittens in their early days of life. In a perfect world, they would have their mother, but sadly, this is not always achievable.

Many kittens are either abandoned by their mother or lose their mother, thus they must learn to live.

Fortunately, many animal enthusiasts and rescues are already knowledgeable on how to raise a kitten safely and humanely.

A rescued fuzzy named Mingal entered Marcelinho’s life. He went out to take care of him and left everything behind to make sure the kitten had all he needed.

Even though taking care of such little hairy creatures is difficult, Marcelinho managed to develop a really particular bond with him.

The naughty cat refused to eat until he was held by his adoring owner, to to the amazement of his entire family.

Mingal was getting ready to have his feast as he prepared a bottle of milk especially made for kittens.

Cats are really grateful. I even used a bottle to feed one,” a netizen said.

The way the kitten fed moved everyone. Many kittens are given bottles to drink, but amusing Mingal absorbed it so well that he appeared to be a human infant in his mother’s arms.

He felt secure in Marcelinho’s presence and stared at him lovingly while he savored his food.

They were intended to be partners. Ione Zambom Da Silva, a relative of Marcelinho, wanted to share the lovely event via her De Ella TikTok account because she realized she was in the presence of something extremely unique.

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