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Passing a lonely house, people pay attention to a cat. She was emaciated, her body covered with wounds, and next to her was a kitten. At first, the onlookers did not understand what was happening, but then they looked closely and saw a strange image. When the cat saw someone approaching, the cat ran away. A small kitten seems to be tied up and rushes along with the mother cat

This surprised everyone, and they decided to monitor where the cat was going, what to do near the abandoned house. When people caught up with the cat and saw it again, they were shocked…There was a rope around the cat’s neck and legs, and a kitten tied to it. But that’s okay because the kitten is still alive!

At the same time, he is in an uncomfortable position, since he cannot move independently and is dragged behind his mother, to whom he is attached. After sitting for a while, the cat ran up the stairs and jump in the trash. She was hungry and looking for food, and the baby patiently stayed by her side, feeling clearly inconvenienced. Then the cat rushed into the cage, where there was a box.

When people came to the building, they understood why my mother came there. In addition to the poor kitten tied to its feet, there are other cats here… Then it turns out that a woman used to help a family of feral cats. Furthermore, she knew that the cat was often entangled in the netting rope in the barn, and this time the kitten had come here.

Because the cat was wild, she didn’t let it in, but by some miracle, the kitten still freed itself. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen again! Upon knowing this, people rushed to help. It was decided to set up a trap for the mother cat to enter.

She began to struggle in fear, but everyone was happy to have caught the mother cat because she was now able to recover from her illness and raise the kittens. When the purr reached the vet, they were finally able to remove the net from the mother cat and treat the wound on her body.

The kittens were then examined and treated for other cats in need of medical attention. And finally, the kittens after being cared for were sent to the mother cat so that the mother would not worry. Now the cats are recovering! Let things go great for them, and the kittens are sure to meet interested owners.

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