T2. Th5 20th, 2024

A cat stuck on the train tracks, poor thing! I’m in town for a bit of work today. This place is different now. I rarely go to the city and a bit strange. This is the road to go into the city parallel to the train tracks, very long and dangerous. I have to go over the train tracks but I will pay attention to be safe.

I was surprised to see something on the track, what is it? I got off the car and ran really fast onto the tracks and I was really scared. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe my eyes, my heart felt like it was being squeezed by someone. A cat is stuck on a train track.

Who put the cat here cruelly. I just removed the cat from the mesh bag and was scared because the train could come very fast and me and the cat could be in danger. I tried to get the cat off the rails fast, okay, okay. I’m not sure if someone purposely dropped the cat on the railroad tracks or that the cat got itself caught in a mesh bag that couldn’t get out. Luckily the train hadn’t come yet, I tried to hold the cat away from the railway tracks. Oh my God! Just in time for the train to arrive, fortunately. Fortunately, Me and the cat were lucky to meet each other. Thank god! I took the kitten food, it still looks scared. Thank you for watching the video!

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