T7. Th5 25th, 2024

Sorry it’s not always healthy beautiful babies kittens in rescue. This trio is what misery looks like. They are 6 weeks old but the weight of my 3.5 week old kitten. They have severe eye and upper respiratory infections. They were rescued and brought to a local shelter and were on the euthanasia list. Luckily a vet I work with brought them to me. They are going to get the care they need and be in a loving foster home. THIS could have been avoided if we spayed and neutered our pet cats and community cats. I don’t often get on my soap box, but these babies are so sad. They were also a foursome but one died. If you want to help I have a wish list on amazon better yet sign up to be a foster at your local shelter. Anyone can do it. 😺


Feeling a little better this morning. They are vocalizing and eating some on their own. Still drinking some formula but some canned food as well. Wanting to play a little too. All very promising! Thank you for your well wishes. The biggest need we need is formula, kitten food and litter. Hopefully, they will look even better tomorrow. No names yet and I was so focused on their health I don’t know their genders.


The littlest is feeling better today. Really demanding the formula, not interested in canned yet. I see an OPEN eye! The other 2 are eating canned food and playing now!!! Oh and I think they are all boys! .

Doing better today. Less goop and swollen eyes. 2 are eating really well and the 3rd still only wants formula. I’m happy with their progress, although the littlest weight fluctuates up and down, we are still seeing improvement. Thank you for all who donated to them, especially the formula, canned food and warming devices.

👀 Look at those eyes!!! They still look terrible but better than last week. They are starting to get playful. I’ve added some kitten toys to my amazon wishlist if you want to help them out. Thank you to all who have helped with food, litter, cleaning supplies and formula. 😊


My home had ringworm so I’m not sharing toys with the trio. I’m going to disinfect what I can after my other fosters are adopted and toss the rest. The foster named them. I’ll update tomorrow who’s who.

Tigger is the best foster brother ever! He is constantly snuggling with Minx’s kittens. This morning I found him lying on top of one in his favorite bed 🤣


Riley, one of the three rescued sick kittens, is declining and we are worried. He’s on his way to the ER for some overnight care. He has a fever and his appetite has decreased. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Riley update: WATCH to the end. .

Riley is still in the ICU. He has a fever, isn’t eating well and getting force fed kitten formula. He’s getting round the clock care of IV fluids, IV antibiotics and eye medications. There is some improvement this evening when his foster parents visited him. He ate for them and as you can see in the video he cuddled and then fell asleep. This foster family is the best! Keep up the well wishes and prayers!

Riley’s coming home tonight. He’s doing better, not fighting feedings anymore and feeling feisty. His veterinary assistant sent me this picture of him. .

The trio are so grateful for your donations. Everyday they are improving. Riley is on the bottom left, Ramsey is at the top and Rebel is the bottom right. Thank you again for your generosity.


Edit The rescued kittens are only 6 weeks old but weigh as much as my 3.5-week-old kitten. They are suffering from severe eye and upper respiratory infections

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