T7. Th4 13th, 2024

This heartbreaking story started when animal lovers rescued a cat who was previously abused so badly that the poor kitten lost all movement in his back legs due to extensive nerve damage from the abuse. She was living in fear, constantly shaking, distressed, starving and suffering from severe conjunctivitis.

She was saved by two kind women Tegan and Kyleigh. The nearest vet or supermarkets were 8 hours drive away, so they worked tirelessly with very limited resources to save the little kitten. Her rescuers began to love and care for her. A miracle happened and the kitten amazingly began to gain strength. She surprised everyone who met her with her incredible strength using only her upper body to explore the world.

Just recently, Monkey arrived in Perth where she met her adopted mom, Lyn. She received Bowen therapy and red light therapy regularly. With some regular exercise, her improvements have been remarkable.
She has become quite the companion, accompanying her new mum wherever she goes. Monkey the cat is now in good hands!

Watch Monkey’s touching story here:

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